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We hope you have enjoyed our website as we endeavour to give as much information and tips as possible. However, we have put together an additional list of our most frequently asked questions and answers to assist in your future search. Please feel free to contact us should there be something you need to ask or a general enquiry.

Will our wedding be legally recognised in the UK?
Yes. Your wedding will be recognised in British law, once you have received your signed marriage certificate. All weddings in Lindos are performed by the Registrar and bound by the laws of Greece.

What language will the ceremony be conducted in?
Usually the Registrar opens the ceremony in Greek then asks you for your vows in English.

When do we get our marriage certificate?
Normally two days after your Wedding, you are required to declare your marriage at the local Registry Office (Romantic Rhodes will be with you to assist in this process). Marriage certificates may not be written in English, you will need to have this translated once you are back in the UK for ease of use. This can be done through the Greek Consulate at 1a Holland Park London W11 3TP tel: 020 7221 6467 or

When do we need to book our Wedding?
We recommend that you book your wedding as soon as possible (as weddings in Rhodes are very popular and the season quite short); this will ensure that enough time for all arrangements to be made and all the necessary documentation completed. A non-refundable deposit of £300 is required at the time of the booking which will cover all administration and handling costs.

What is the weather like in Rhodes?
The weather in Rhodes ranges from mild temperatures in May and October to very hot days in high summer months. Generally the climate is Mediterranean with warm sunny weather and pleasant cool sea breezes on the coast from time to time.

What do we wear on the day?
The choice is yours. Due to the warm climate and time of year, it is worth talking this over with one of our advisors at the time of booking.

How do we pack our wedding outfits?
We suggest that you pack your outfits in a strong waterproof suitcase that can be placed in the aircraft hold. Please check with your airline to see if they allow an additional allowance for your wedding. An ironing service is available in Lindos.

Can we get married if we have been divorced?
Yes, as long as you can provide legal proof. If, after your divorce, you reverted back to your maiden name, you will have to obtain a change of name by deep poll document from your solicitor.

Do we have to book all the arrangements before the wedding?
No, however it is advisable to confirm as much as possible before you travel to avoid disappointment. Final arrangements and add-ons can be done with our co-ordinator once you arrive and will be subject to availability.

What name do we travel under?
We suggest you travel under the name on your passport.

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